V. Management/Operations

Counterpart International

The Committee continues to be fortunate in our relationship with Counterpart International where UNIFEM/USA rents a small office in Washington, DC. The rental fee includes access to a state-of-the-art Board room, a smaller conference room, kitchen and all of their electronic capabilities, including color printers, Xerox machines, fax machines, conference calling, TV, VCR, DVD and slide projector. Counterpart also provides UNIFEM/USA with vital computer and technical support. In addition, the office is included in their domain for security purposes. Counterpart's move to Crystal City in the fall will include UNIFEM/USA.

Contract for full-time staff

The Board voted to bring Kaytee O'Neill on board in September as our full-time program director. As a full time employee, Kaytee was instrumental in the design, development and launch of the new U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM website and continues to ensure the website is kept up to date. In addition, Kaytee has developed other media and communications pieces with Diane Olson, including the new U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM membership brochure, our Holiday Campaign Piece, Annual Walk Postcard and June 22nd invitation.

Reporting to the President, another one of Kaytee's responsibilities is database management. Kaytee is responsible for all aspects of membership - inputting data into our system from both our lock box and website, sending out thank you letters to new members, renewing members and contributors, and sending each Chapter their individual database on a semi-monthly basis. She corresponds with each Chapter to ensure their Chapter membership information is correct and also works with our Treasurer to ensure that the donations are allocated correctly.

Kaytee also provides support and materials for Board Members and Chapter Presidents. She responds to emails and phone calls and also forwards emails to the appropriate U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM contact. For our Board Meetings, she collects and compiles the materials, helps to develop supporting documentation and also works with the hotel and restaurants to accommodate our stay. It has been a great pleasure and a great help to have Kaytee on board full-time. Reporting directly to me as president has ensured that Committee priorities are set and that Kaytee has the support to conduct the work outlined in her work statement. From all reports and from my personal contact with Kaytee on a daily basis, I can assure the Board of her excellent work.




In October, the U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM renewed our Directors and Officers insurance policy with Hartford Insurance through Walterry Insurance Brokers. The $1,000,000 policy covers "any individual who has been, now is or shall become a director, officer, governor, trustee, equivalent executive, employee (whether salaried or not), volunteer, leased or temporary employee, or committee member of the Organization." We also signed a general liability insurance policy to cover "typical" events and activities organized by the U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM and its chapters. Both policies are in effect until October 14, 2007.



2006 Audit

Renner & Associates performed the U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM's 2006 audit. The firm worked with Treasurer Pam Albertson and Program Director Kaytee O'Neill to assist in the transfer of financial information for the U.S. National Committee for UNIFEM. The audit was mailed to all Board members in December and shows that the Committee is in good standing. Thanks to Treasurer Pam Albertson for her assistance in the process. We have contracted for this year's audit that will be conducted beginning in July.




This year, the Executive Committee unanimously voted to move $16,000 from the UNIFEM/USA checking account into the Endowment Fund to cap it at $100,000. These funds will be put into the market and Ferris Baker Watts, Inc. will manage the account. The money will be used for future operations.



Advisory Council

Our Advisory Board, which started with the acceptance of Betty Friedan in 1999, continues to be an impressive group with the following members now serving in support of UNIFEM.USA: Dr. Gwendolyn C. Baker, Dr. Martha Burk, Dr. Charlotte Bunch, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Ambassador Connie Morella, Dr.Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld, Terry Neese, Ambassador Nancy H. Rubin, Gillian Martin Sorensen and Alvin & Heidi Toffler.



2007 Board Elections


UNIFEM/USA conducted our sixth election by mail ballot and the following people will be sworn in as Board members at the June 23rd Board meeting, where the board members will elect new officers: Re-elected: Pam Albertson, Neale Godfrey, Shari Gruber, Joy Mohnet, Diane Olson, Carol Poteat-Buchanan, Grace Richardson and Ruth Zeller. Newly-elected:
Maggie Forster-Schmitz, Christine Griftner, Eileen Meier and Joy Renjilian-Burgy.

President's Conclusion

The Committee is ready to go to the next level and I wish the new president and leadership great success.



Sheryl J. Swed
President, UNIFEM/USA