Board of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Chapter of USNC-UN Women serve a two year term. Elections for new board members are held in May every year.  Please e-mail us at if you are interested in receiving more information about our work.  

2017-2019 Board of Directors

Ruth Anne Appiah
Ruth Anne is interested in serving on the board of NC Chapter of USNC for UN Women because NC Chapter’s mission aligns with her core values of empowering women and girls globally. She has over 10 years of experience in private, public and non-profit sectors in public relations, event management, funddevelopment, as strategy and operations consultant, a project manager, and a team leader. Ruth Anne’s experience includes her role as director of corporate relations for Women in Africa Summit and a policy intern for UN Development Program. She is recipient of many awards for her performance and professionalism including the President’s Club prize for top producers from TCF National Bank. Ruth Anne is originally from Ghana, worked in Minneapolis, Princeton NJ, New York, Washington DC and recently moved to Durham.

Talitha Batts
Talitha Batts is a highly sought after Speaker, Author, Business Coach and Talk Radio Personality. She presents keynotes, breakout sessions, panel discussions, webinars and boot camps that have consistently received rave reviews. She is CEO of "Success Outside The Box” a successful training and leadership program committed to empowering and teaching entrepreneurs how to develop and grow their business. With over 17 years of project management, operations, and business development experience in Fortune 500 companies, and BA in English and Political Science from UNC Charlotte, she brings a wealth of experience and skills.

Septina Florimonte. Past President
Having spent most of her formidable years in the third world, Septima developed an understanding of what it is to have no rights as a girl or as a woman. Spending those impressionable years in the third world has shaped her vision. Septina is an advocate, a mother and a friend.   She has a deep passion about women and girls right and would like to contribute to the elevation women & girls right, be the voice of change. Septina currently serve on the Board of Directors for Wake County Commission for Women as the Chair Public Relations Committee, and as the Vice-Chair, Wake County Advisory committee on aging.  When not serving on Boards, she volunteers at Urban Ministries. Septina also is a nurse practitioner and brings the healthcare perspectives into all she does.  Septina is a former president of North Carolina Chapter.

Jean Hall, Vice President of the Wilmington area.
Jean has been an educator since 1992 and taught abroad in Czech Republic and Japan from 1994 to1998. She and her husband also traveled the world and developed a taste for anything international. As a high school teacher, Jean had opportunities to impress upon students that, from the food on the table to world religions, global thinking is the spice of life and, as a result, saw many of her students go on to spend years abroad, major in foreign languages and international studies in college, and host foreign students. It gives Jean a great joy and satisfaction to help make those international connections occur. During past several years working on the annual walks of NC Chapter of USNC for UN Women, Jean found it truly refreshing to work with others who is on point with the women’s issues that must be addressed locally and internationally, and who has strong connections and insight to bring those issues to the forefront in a positive, constructive, and effective way. She believes the work of NC Chapter in the past year has made an impact – especially on girls and young women – a group that she is passionate about further incorporating into NC Chapter’s mission on a local and state level. Jean chaired NC Chapter’s 2016 annual walk and the film screening of “Sweet Dreams”. She has also been a long time member of Coastal Carolina Chapter of UN Association

Emily Harris, Communications
Emily Harris has served on the NC Chapter board for the past 2 years, providing creative input on our initiatives, leading our communications strategy and forming liaisons with other local groups to raise awareness and increase memberships. Her experience includes working with local and international organizations on anti-trafficking projects, founding CauseWorthy to facilitate community donations direct to worthy causes, and nurturing women in leadership as program manager for ATHENA International.  She is committed to applying her skills and experience in support of UN Women. Emily holds both BS and MS in Social Work. 

Diane Jordan, Treasurer
Over the past two years, Diane served as the vice president and treasurer for the North Carolina Chapter of USNC for UN Women. She feels privileged to participate in advancing the mission of the UN Women programs and in the renewed growth of the NC Chapter. As a retiree, she has time and energy to work to advance the rights and impact of women. Over the course of her life, Diane has enjoyed advantages arising from work of women before her. Educational and career opportunities have provided her the potential for economic and social impact. She wishes to give back and especially value the global perspective of UN Women. Diane has over 30 years of professional experience in management, leadership and technology, with international engagements that provided insight into cultural differences in commerce and society. She was always aware of her role as a female leader, role model and mentor and worked to advance both individual careers for female colleagues as well as company programs. Diane has extensive experience in project management working across culturally diverse teams. She is honored to contribute to the NC Chapter of USNC for UN Women and looks forward to continuing to do so as a board member.

Tsegga Seyoum Medhin, President
Tsegga Medhin is currently president of the NC Chapter.  Starting in 2011 when Tsegga was instrumental in IBM’s sponsorship of the Raleigh USNC for UN Women’s national conference, Tsegga has been committed to the organization because UN Women’s mission aligns perfectly with her core values of empowering women and girls globally.  She has applied her experience and passion to build our organization and has been instrumental in representing us in the community. Tsegga retired from a career at IBM focused on corporate citizenship and corporate affairs; is the executive director of The Pearl Leadership Institute, dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls; serves as a board member of Boundless Impact and NCSU’s Science house STEM outreach programs.  She has an MBA from Strayer University and lives in Raleigh with her daughters and husband.   

Lindsay Saunders
With experience as an educator, paralegal, communications specialist, and advocate Lindsay Saundes makes an excellent fit for the UN Women North Carolina board. She is personally very committed to equality and women’s issues and brings her passion to the wonderful initiatives of UN Women. Education, fundraising, and advocacy are crucial areas that interest her.  Lindsay has an M.A. in English, with concentration in Technical and Professional Communications and Professssional Communications Graduate Certificate from East Carolina University, Paralegal Graduate Certificate from NCSU and B.S. Elementary Education from ECU.  
Manisha Shrestha
Manisha Shrestha is a professional with over eight years of management and community development experience who will be an asset as a Board Member with UN Women. She has experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines, at Share Mission International and the University of Colorado Hospital. She has developed training, conferences and fund raising events to create awareness about women’s issues. Manisha has a MA in Global Affairs, a BA in Communications with minor in Sociology from the University of Colorado and a Certificate in International Trade, World Trade Center Denver, CO.


Past Presidents

Septina Florimonte, President (2014-2016) Mary Beth Loucks Sorrell, President (2012-2014) Younghee Overly, President & Founder (2008-2012)