Annual Walks to End Violence Against Women and Girls


The US National Committee for UN Women walks are an annual event across the United States that draw attention to the issue of gender-based violence and highlight UN Women's programs to stop violence against women and girls.  

Since 1997, UN Women funded 368 projects in 132 countries to support the implementation of national laws, policies and action plans to end violence against women and girls.  For instance: in Cambodia, UN Women supports the organization which created a raido program to inform their listeners of laws and services to protect women from violence.  Prior to the broadcat, two thirds of their listeners did not know that marital rape was a crime.  In Albania, UN Women supports coaltions that combat trafficking of women and girls.  In Chile, Rwanda and India, UN Women supports projects that engage men to find solutions to end violence against women and girls.  

Over 3 million people including 30,000 survivors of gender based violence benefited from projects funded by UN Women during 2013 alone.  Twelve years ago, only 45 countries had laws against domestic violence.  We now have 125 countries with laws against domestic violence which means we have 70 more countries to go.  

Walk with us and support UN Women in its efforts to end violence against women and girls!

2015 Calendar

February 7, 2015       Sarasota, Florida (Donate to support the walkers)

March 7, 2015            Miami, Florida

March 7, 2015            Vero Beach, Florida

April 26. 2015             Wilmington, NC

May 16, 2015             Atlanta, Georgia

May 23, 2015             Washington, DC

TBA                            Rochester, NY

TBA                             Salt Lake City, Utah

TBA                             Detriot, Michigan 

TBA                             Houston, Texas


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