Annual Walks to Prevent Violence Against Women


Each year, the U.S. National Committee hosts a series of walks around the country to support initiatives to end violence against women.   Our Chapters organize walks in their area to take a stand against violence and educate their community on the issue. 

2013 Schedule

October 22, 2012      West Palm Beach, FL
February 2, 2013       Siesta Key Beach, FL
March 9, 2013           Miami, FL
April 21, 2013           Wilmington, NC
June 1, 2013             Washington, DC
May 18, 2013            Atlanta, GA  Register now!
TBA                          Greater LA
TBA                          Siesta Beach, CA
TBA                          Dallas/Fort Worth

2012 Schedule

October 22, 2011          West Palm Beach, FL                         
January 28, 2012Siesta Key Beach, FL 
March 31, 2012Laguna Woods, CA 
April 14, 2012Charlotte, NC 
April 15, 2012Durham, NC 
April 22, 2012Wilmington, NC 
April 28, 2012Washington, DC 
June 2, 2012Atlanta, Georgia See Walk Photos
June 2, 2012Greater LA 
October 6, 2012New Jersey 
October 20, 2012West Palm Beach, FL 
October 27, 2012Miami, FL 

2011 Schedule

 October 23, 2010              West Palm Beach, FL                    
 January 29 , 2011 Siesta Key Beach, FL 
 March 6, 2011San Francisco, CA 
 April 2, 2011Laguna Woods, CA 
 April 10, 2011Wilmington, NC 
 April 16, 2011Washington, DC 
 April 17, 2011Durham, NC 
 May 14, 2011Atlanta, GA View photos from this Walk! 



                2011 Georgia walkers standing proud                           Southern CA is ready to walk in 2011


To organize a walk in your community:

1. Contact us at 

2. Select the date, time, place and length of your walk

3. Notify the U.S. National Committee for UN Women of your walk details.  We will will post your walk information on our website and set up a page on for your walkers to register and raise funds.  Click here for sample text to use on your FirstGiving personal fundraising campaigns.

4. Collect the funds raised on the day of the walk and mail to: U.S. National Committee for UN Women, 1120 20th Street NW, #720, Washington, DC 20036.