Get Involved

Want to GET INVOLVED? There are three ways to do so:

1) GIVE: By supporting USNC, your dollars go straight to supporting UN Women projects that benefit women living in 100 countries. Your donations help us realize our mission to empower women around the world. We encourage you to consider becoming a member by contributing an amount of your choosing monthly. Sources of predictable, steady income are critical to our mission - find out more.

Your contribution powers real, tangible change for women:

  • $10 to provide 6 women survivors of violence with psychological and social counseling across Asia and Africa.
  • $100 trains 17 women activists in the Middle East to engage men and boys as agents of change to end violence against women and girls.
  • $10 means that 10 girls and women in Lima, Peru who have experienced abuse will receive the care they need.

2) TAKE ACTION: Advocacy is at the heart of USNC-UN Women's mission. We are the voice of UN Women within the United States, working within our local communities and across the country to spread the word of UN Women's vital programs toward gender equality.

  • Call-In days: Join us throughout the year as USNC-UN Women members and supporters call their Congressional representatives to request more funding for UN Women in the international affairs budget. Click here for the full script.
  • Visit your representatives:  Learn how to meet with your representatives in Washington, DC and in your home state in this guideline.
  • Join or start a chapter: We need your voices in your communities to raise awareness of UN Women and issues that affect women and girls around the globe.  Join kindred spirits committed to gender equality by searching for a chapter in your area.  No chapter in your area?  No problem - email us to find out how to start one in your area!

3) LEARN MORE: We need your help to make a positive and lasting change for women and girls around the world. Join our movement and spread the word about our work to your networks. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.